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Flexible Sensive System

1 Discover Beesper Discover

data with a flexible WSN

Beesper is a flexible system for measure, analysis and control of environmental parameters of various types. Beesper can help you in many different ways:

  1. to monitor the temperature and humidity of the soil
  2. to control the behaviour of cracks
  3. to check the energetic performance of your house
  4. to assess CO2 concentration in the air

These are just a few examples!

Discover the network, you will understand how Beesper can help you!

2 Explore with Beesper Explore

with a smart platform

Beesper App on tablet

It's now time to explore your data!

From your mobile, computer or tablet you can access the Beesper App (free download) or the Beesper Integrated Platform, insert your login and password, visualize and interact with your Beesper Nets.

With drag&drop functions you can decide how to use your network sensors, view data, export them, share on social network or create customized actions (thanks to Cosm integration).

3 Manage data with Beesper Manage

your world through Apps

Beesper gives you access to advanced apps for specific functions, with a nice interface and many utilities.

Through the Beepser APIs (soon online) it will be possible for developers to create advanced and totally customized NApps (networked Apps).