Beesper - Cosm integration

Cosm and Beesper integration

Beesper users have three ways to interact with their networks: through our Beesper Integrated Platform, through specific Apps, or through COSM. The last one is the preferred solutions for those wishing to share the collected data at a community level.

The Beesper user can create a bind between the data collected on Beesper and its account on Cosm. We recently finalized the HTTP POST service to use with Cosm trigger in order to send via email the notification to our users.

For Beesper user wishing to use COSM: first it's mandatory to subscribe to Cosm; it's then necessary to insert the COSM key and feed number into a specific mask of our Beesper system, where the user has the possibility to choose which ones of their networks, which nodes and which sensors to link to COSMS, the labels and so on.

That's it! Then the interaction goes on in COSM!