Beesper project

Beesper results from the desire to allow local governments, companies, professionals and, in the near future, the general public, to gain access to and exploit the h-WSN high technology network (developed by Henesis srl, a dynamic italian start-up), which is already being used with great success in industrial applications, thanks to an intelligent hardware concept, excellent data control capabilities and an easy-to-use web/mobile platform that can be customized for direct applications.

Beesper chart

Besides apps that are ready to use, the Beesper approach also provides developers the opportunity to "get their hands dirty" with raw data and with simple analytical and software/hardware development tools, because nothing beats collective creativity!

Beesper can be whatever you want it to be: a complete and sophisticated platform for the expert developer, flexible, affordable and intuitive for the do-it-yourselfer, and a series of NApp ("Networked Apps"), easy and powerful at the same time, for everyone.


This flexible system is designed to measure, analyze and control environmental parameters of various types, including temperature, pressure, humidity, brightness, noise, air quality (comfort), electricity use, cracks in buildings and others.
Beesper consists of:

  1. a network of low-power wireless nodes (Beesper Nodes) which automatically find the best path to deliver their data, and can host multiple sensors
  2. a data transmission bridge (Ethernet, GPRS, Wi-Fi)(Beeper Bridge)
  Beesper Wsn

Sensors currently supported:

  1. ambient and contact temperature
  2. luminosity;
  3. noise
  4. cracks and vibrations
  5. soil temperature and moisture
  6. acceleration (3 axis)
  7. carbon dioxide (CO2)
  8. radon
  9. electrical current
  10. heat flow

The main strengths
of the Beesper Network

  1. Extremely easy set up thanks to the autoconfiguration mode
  2. All nodes act as routers, generating a tree-like topology which allows to cover even extremely long distances
  3. New nodes with new sensors can be added to the network seamlessly, at any time
  4. The nodes have multiple sensors of various types which can be used in flexible ways, and the resulting data can be utilized by multiple apps
  5. Each node can be expanded by adding other sensors, with little effort
  6. The resulting information travels everywhere - on the Web, and even on Smartphones
  7. Data are encrypted and the privacy level is user selectable (data can be made private, shared with friends, made public for a new generation of services)
  8. There's no need to study graphs or data, because the apps help you make the best decisions possible
  9. In case of broken connection between the bridge and internet, or between two nodes, they continue sampling and store data internally, ready to send them once the connection is re-established, without any loss of information!
  10. Completely battery powered (excluding ethernet bridge), long node life (1-3 years in common conditions) with standard cells (AAA for nodes, C for bridges)
  11. Nodes and bridges can update their firmware on the air, for complete "future-proof" installations
  12. Low setup and maintenance costs


It's now time to explore your data!
From your mobile, computer or tablet you can access the Beesper App (soon freely downloadable), insert your login and password, visualize and interact with your Beesper Net(s).

With the Beesper app you can:

  1. list the bridge(s) and nodes of your networks (you might have multiple networks in multiple locations) and set their parameters (network name, channel, sampling rates, ...)
  2. visualize and read all the sensors housed in a node
  3. visualize the data coming from your nodes thanks to clear and interactive plots
  4. export on local files the collected data
  5. share the data on social networks

Or you can create your own app to share data with your relatives or friends on social networks, send a e-mail, an alert, a sms. All this, without writing a line of code.



Beesper puts in your hands also more advanced applications: BeesperEnergy helps you in consuming less energy while at home, by analyzing thermal and electrical consumptions, together with many other comfort-related environmental parameters, BeesperStructure analyzes the static and dynamic behavior of cracks in buildings.

You simply drag and drop the nodes' sensors in the right app, and you've done! Your data can be compared against the optimal parameters for the various plants, or used to profile the energy consumption of your house.

These are just a few examples which you can run out of the box: only imagination will put limits to what you can do by yourself, using a little of manual ability and our APIs.