Beesper development project fantastic team

Beesper project originates from the will of a team of skilled engineers to create something really new and high performing in the Wireless Sensor Networks domain.

From the first idea, a request from a potential customer which never bought a node (!), and the several attempts with commercial WSN platforms, we understood that a suitable platform (cheap, long lasting, flexible, robust, maintenance free) was missing, and therefore to be designed!

Using only internal funds, we developed the hWSN professional platform, whose control page is, currently used in the professional market. It's now time to enter the consumer market.

Eng. Lorenzo Chiesi has designed the electronics and the firmware; Eng. Matteo Sacchi, sided by Eng. Federico Sassi has taken care of all the database and wisnp development.
Eng. Luca Ascari was entrusted with the Strategic, Technical and General coordination, as well as commercial activity.